Thursday, February 24

handmade olympics event 7

Well would you believe it....the rabbit lamp did good as they say in the cartoons!

It came second in the event. So, thankyou to all those who voted for it. 337 voted for it  in all and we definitely know that we don't have that many friends or relatives !



  1. Thankyou Jim. It now resides in one of the granddaughters bedrooms.
    But more and others are on their way!

  2. Well done to the potter. When I voted for it it seemed to be well in the lead and I do think it deserved to win. Might the potter do a similar one with hares - my favourite animal.

  3. Pat ...hares are such iconic would make a wonderful lamp I think.

  4. Very nice rabbit lamp:)) Thanks for the comment on my blog;) Fun with readers from United Kingdom/Monne (Monica)

  5. Alan has started a star one....another grandchild to receive!!


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