Tuesday, February 1

Classes at the Potters House.

Back from India a week now. It takes a while to get back into the work again . This time it's really hard, what with the time change and the funny tummy that we both have had.
But classes started last Monday once again and so this is already the second week.
We have super people in our classes and it's great to see someone with no prior knowledge of either paint or clay start to gain confidence in what they are doing.
Although many have been coming to us for years, others have recently joined.
So I'm going to put up a few photos of recent work still unfinished .

Still life based on the work of Morandi and executed in graphite.

Ceramics in the leather hard state.

And ceramics waiting for the glaze firing.

Studio groups.

All the classes are now full which is a very good position to be in!


  1. Gosh you must send me details of your classes. I usually organise time out for our writers group each year, and this might be something that they would be interested in. My email is on the blog link, but just in case, it is phillips.louisem0@gmail.com


  2. I may have to come and enroll for a master class.

  3. Well John..thanks for your confidence! we love the groups that come, really interesting folks with such varied backrounds and always a great laugh to be had.
    120...thankyou we have a website and usually put up info on that. thanks for the suggestion.

  4. What a delightful place! Sound like - looks like - heaven here on earth. (Apart from the dicky tummies, of course!)

  5. I love loking at these sort of photos. They delight my soul ☺


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