Monday, February 28

Car rugs and throws!

I can be a bit obsessive over some things.
( family nods vigorously)
I'm known in the local charity shop as "The Cherry Picker".
But that's it means that they get my money.
I love the chase of the charity shop bargain, and my big obsession of the last few years has been....

........tartan car rugs and knitted and crotcheted throws.

I counted up recently and stopped when I got to well over twenty!
There is something so comforting about a rug over the knees.
Some of my family being ever so much younger than I am, love it as well!
That in itself is very comforting.

I find it hard to throw away a beautiful piece of woven or knitted fabric. This one above is a Donegal weave bought for me,  after much raising of the eyebrows may I say, by my sainted mother over 40 years ago.
I even have a square of Donegal Tweed from the master weaver, in Kilcar I think, which my sister Rosie made into a poncho in the '70s. It's over printed and not available any more so quite a rarity.

So what is it really about these rugs that draw me in to the second-hand and charity shops.?

It can't be just about the snuggle value.

Is it the Scot in me that longs for the highlands and islands?

Apparantly one ancient relative came from Skye around the same time as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

That's only apparantly, you know!

Maybe it's a subconscious need to keep warm in these northern climes When the chill winds whistle around the house and the draughts creep under the doors of this old building.
We collect the wools and knit and crotchet them in bright pattern to cheer up the worst of the cheerless times.

These are the two latest treasures to be added to the pile. Bought a couple of weeks ago and washed and already adding comfort to the chair that I sit in to write my blogs!

I'm not fussy about the quality of the yarn used to produce a rug such as this one.
In the same way that a painter would use mixed medium to produce a desired  result,
I love the fact that this creative person grabbed any type of material available as long as it gave the combination required.
Of course that often leads to an unstable finished piece....I like can be rather unstable...cope with it!

Oh and by the way, I like cushions , nearly as much as rugs.
I'll get round to that one day!


  1. The current Mrs. M said to me only the other day (when we went to the coast): 'Do you think we'll be the couple who stay in the car with the tartan rug on their knees (and a flask of tea) and the window wound down half an inch, staring out to sea?'

  2. John...I'm prepared to 'fess up! It's getting very close to that point in my life. Never thought that I would say that...but there you are . All things come to pass!
    (writing this as I listen to a screaming Van the Man!!!!)

  3. Ha! I already ride in the car with a throw on my lap & I'm turning 47 on Thursday :) If it's cold I'm not too proud to bundle up.

    Love the colors in that last throw. We call them afghans (or as one of my mom's cousin's used to say, "Africans").

  4. bug...don't you love the way that certain words enter the family vocabulary. When the son was little he used to say, "don't let the giraffe come under the door"...draught to you and me!
    Thinking about it maybe that's where the whole rug thing started!

  5. My Grandma always had a rug in the car for such events...I too am a great cherry picker in charity shops - yesterday a cream linen tablecloth - coming to a blog near you soon...

  6. Cherry-pickers united!!
    Thankyou Liz.

  7. OMG! you made me laugh in this post!
    is great, I love these fabrics too!
    are great for upholstering a sofa Patcwork
    I love them!
    Have a happy weekend Gerry!
    A big hug,

  8. I think Mr lemon Drizzle is giving you a run for your money, but he gets his £1 from Primark!


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