Thursday, February 3

A Poem for Thursday.


Whether Greek or Roman
Portuguese or Arabian,
the sea
and it's endless roaring
is the history
of Moors and Phoenicians
Africans and Indians.
Forever coming
forever going.
Through war
and peace
sudden storm and unearthly calm.
Of Noah and Columbus
Vasco da Gama and the Vikings.
All journeyers
and all travellers
moving ever outward.
God must love water very much.
He made so much of it
and in such wonderful places in the world.
a wind is in from Africa
turning the blue
into splashes of white.
Seething and playing catch up
on this ancient sea.


  1. Great poem, it reads like waves coming in and out!

  2. Lovely poem, so full of history and nature.

  3. You make me think of india in a different way. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful poem
    I love poems about the sea.

  5. Norma...I'm sure that distance will really make a difference to how we view it all. I think the fact that there were so many of us together in it all helped .
    Grethe...I'm crazy for the sea, as you may have noticed by so many of my posts!

  6. The spans of water... forever call and draw us across. Grand verse and photos. _m

  7. The poem carries all those feelings of romance associated with the sea, so dear to so many - including myself. The image is a perfect finish.

  8. Dave...what is it about a sunset over water that draws us? I often see people just standing waiting for the moment that the sun disappears beneath the horizon. Is there an ancient fear that it has gone for ever maybe?


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