Sunday, December 5

The Poetry Bus.

                                       Taa!  Daa!    

For your pleasure and delectation
The  one, the very only,
The poem
For the door
Of The Potters House."

[Is it cheating that I only have to pop across the yard to put it in a shop?.....  hope not.]

So this is a contribution to the great Poetry Bus theme this week.
But I'm inspired now and maybe there should be a "Guerrilla Poetry Group" just like "Guerrilla Gardeners"


  1. Oh good! Isn't that clown glorious!
    He's the son of our brother-in-law and a super actor. But I've been waiting for a time such as this to put him in a post!

  2. Oh Gerry! Rollicking, jolly good old fashioned fun! Wonderful!!!

  3. Helen ..thankyou for the lovely use of the word "rollicking" I think that I shall keep it in my scribble book for another occasion!


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