Wednesday, December 8

Poem for Magpie Tales. Mag 44.

This is the photo prompt for Mag 44.
I think it's a slippy sliding sleigh...hope it is , 'cause that's my poem.
As Simon and Garfunkel  sang, "Slip Sliding Away".

Don't tell me fairy tales.
Stories for innocents.
Romantic nonsense
That you never meant.

Lullabies at bedtime.
Tales for old men
Crutches for my fears
Now and again.

And don't try to cover up,
What is reality,
When life doesn't mean
Very much more to me.

Though I fill my glass,
Yet the wine has turned sour.
And time slips away from me
Hour by hour.

Can I believe today
Those stories of yesteryear.
When songs were sung and friends
 Were always so near.

Is this the sum of it all
Here on the top of this hill?
Waiting my turn, praying
I don't take a spill.

Nothing to do anymore
Simply to let the past go.
Loosen the cords and gladly
Give thanks for the now.
I'm thankful for now.
For the gift of the present.


  1. Thoughtful poem. I especially like the last two lines. They say it all

  2. Geraldine . . . I have tried to visit your Magpie#44 via Willow's LinkyList (You are No.4) . . but the link takes me to what seems to be Blogspot's own website. I have left Willow a comment about this, and asked if other bloggers have noticed. (The link that comes up in the URL address bar appears to be correct, however)

  3. thankyou doctor ftse...I went back into edit and had another go. It seemed to work on the test. So perhaps try again maybe?

  4. So I've just had another look and of course you are right!! it should be .com!! Not very techie here am I.

  5. The realities of life that bring us into the 'now'. Nice read.

    Yes I had a problem with the first link too.

  6. Terrific wordplay here! I love it.

  7. Bee...thankyou so much for popping over to my post. Sorry that there was a bit of a mix up. I scooted over to you and thought I'd stumbled on the Sartorialist by mistake! Love, love those coats!

  8. thankyou Leah for your kind comment.
    That's the best about it , the playing around with words.

  9. Thoughtful and thought provoking poem. Nicely done.

  10. (No worries, I'll remove your faulty link!)

  11. Just let it all go... and have fun!
    New Snow

  12. There is nothing like the present. I fully endorse to that.

    Great Magpie!

    who hid that story for us to find

  13. Your last stanza ~ my favorite! Says it all ..

  14. Loosen the cords...Yes! Nicely written!

  15. "Is this the sum of it all
    Here on the top of this hill?
    Waiting my turn, praying
    I don't take a spill."

    Oh, I do love this bit! I was going to write "A very thoughtful and well written Magpie," but it struck me that this sounds like I'm grading your paper. Sorry...occupational hazard! Let me instead say that I was moved by your words. Thank you!


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