Tuesday, December 7

Pink sky and Hoar Frost in Penketh.

This has been such an unusual week weatherwise.
I've moaned a bit...well more than a bit...and of this I'm truly ashamed!
It's a photographer's dream out there. And this is only the suburbs. It'must be glorious in the countryside at the moment.
Now I know it's hard getting around.
Just today a friend fell for the second time as she was on the way to have the plaster taken off the first break!
And I walked to another friend's home for coffee this morning...walking like a very nervous old lady [which I almost am, may I say!]
The fog landed on the trees and vegetation and settled there like sparkling diamonds in clusters.
And this afternoon the sky turned a gorgeous colour of pink!
Camera out!

Nature's Installation.


  1. It is all looking rather stunning, but oh your poor friend! I've been living in fear of that happening to me, and I don't think I'm quite an old lady yet. Despite it's beauty, I would love to see some dull, boring rain.

  2. Great photos!! If only my daughter hadn't borrowed my camera. Phone good but not that good!

  3. oh my goodness!!! i'll be right over, with camera in hand. gorgeous!! thank you geraldine and thank you mother nature!

  4. pg...yes , she is quite an old lady and I'm concerned for her for the rest of the winter. These things pull one down psycologically and that doesn't help the physical healing.
    Glad you are so much better...young bones!
    120...thankyou! well I'm not a very good photographer but you just couldn't miss today!
    Erin...what fun that would be! "who knows..how the wind blows".

  5. Wow, these are beautiful images, and the one with pink sky is just gorgeous :)

  6. Lovely photographs.

    My friend pointed outthat the whole world imitates Hercule Poirot when walking in the snow . But no fun if you tumble.

  7. Mirjana...thankyou. I did very little else except point the camera...the sky did the rest!

  8. I love the thought of a lot of Hercule Poirots walking around Penketh. That brightens the day amazingly! Thankyou Colleen.

  9. What charming shots! And how do you manage to make them look so Victorian. Fascinating!

  10. Dave..The frost itself cried out to be photographed! I use a site called picnik. It's not too complicated, so ideal for me.

  11. artist! these pictures are like a dream,
    that beautiful!!! but ...brrrrrr
    thanks and happy evening


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