Monday, December 6

Ceramic Letters.

A new word completed recently.
Really I suppose Alan should have written "SNOW"!

Not many people made it to the studio today. The fog froze on the trees as it touched them.
It made for a wonderful scene, but rather dangerous underfoot. 

A winter wonderland.


  1. I love it/them, they are inspired! I would MUCH prefer to see 'sand' than 'snow'.

  2. All beautiful including the ceramics!

  3. pg i too am glad that it is SAND
    the weather up here is very cold and so I want to think of sea and sand and sun! Though the fog has made the trees so beautiful.
    120 socks. Thamkyou! Well Alan has quite a few new items but some are christmas secrets so it will have to wait before I post them.


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