Wednesday, December 15


Wednesday the Fifteenth Day in Advent.

This week at The Potters House Penketh, we  had all five of the parties that we give each Christmas for our art groups.
They are  fun!
The Tuesday evening gang have been together for ages.
 Possibly fifteen years for some of them.
So it's  a bit of a mad time, and they always contribute yummy food .

They finish off the ceramics that they hope Alan will fire in time for them to give as presents...he usually does even when it means working through to midnight and beyond.

                                Then we party!

I always make a big batch of mince pies.

and two hot mulled drinks.
One "frolicky" and the other " non-frolicky". 
.........thinking of the drivers.

I bought these Russian tea glass covers when I lived in Folkestone many years ago.
To a girl from Belfast, it was a dream to be able to hop on a train and be in London in less than an hour.
So I trawled the streets looking for little unusual shops selling goods from all over the world.

Bruce was one of the first to come to the group.
Watch out Alan...he's a very good potter now!

Maureen in the foreground has also been coming a long time.
And others have joined over the years.

Quick ...get one of those M. 'n' S goodies before they all go!

Done and dusted for another year.
What fun!


  1. Oh what fun that looks! I have some of those little baskets, I never knew what they were until today.

  2. Friends and Christmas go together like peaches and cream - add a few mince pies and a punch drink and you're away. It all looks such fun.

  3. What a wonderful community you have around you, Gerry! Thanks for letting us be a part of it via your blog.

  4. Looks like you had a lots of fun. Nice party. Do you make your hot mulled drinks with wine?

  5. Thankyou for your kind comments.
    We are indeed priveledged here at The Potters
    House Penketh to have such great things going on and such people around us. Sometimes I have to remind myself about that.

  6. mirjana...I do make it with wine. But I also make one without for either those who are driving or prefer not to drink alcohol.
    that I make with apple, orange and blackcurrant cordial plus a little water. Then as for the wine one, add brown sugar, dried fruit, chopped apple, orange, lemon and of course mixed spice and a few cloves...but not too many as they can be quite overpowering .

  7. Looks fun and now I want some mince pies and mulled wine myself!

  8. know I would bring them to your door...if I could.


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