Tuesday, December 14


                  Tuesday the Fourteenth day in Advent

So you go to Florence, and you make for St. Mark's.
You get to the bottom of the stairs and start to climb.
Lots of other art tourists are around you, so the climbing is slow.
Then at the turn in the stairs you get your first glimpse.
Beato Angelico.
How did you ever manage to paint this annunciation?
You tear up a little.
It's a magic moment.

It's one of those moments in your life
when all around you is the sharp intake of breath.
And then the long sigh.

Let's go and have another look!


  1. Magnifico! Thank you for sharing this moment, Gerry. Just stunning. I can only imagine what it must be like to experience it in person!

  2. Rosie...do you mean after we've all gone to Goa, and after we go to Spain, and even after we come to Belfast and go to Morecambe? Oh O.K. lets do that! That would be delicious I think!
    Carolina...It is truly one of the amazing moments in a life. The sense of peace is tangible. That's before you go round and see all of the painting in the monks cells even.


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