Wednesday, December 1


                                         Wednesday 1st December
                                                    Advent 1.

Well with the weather as it is I think a nice hot cup of chocolate is in order!


  1. Nice and warm cup it is. Love the colors.
    Seems like we'll be in need of some hot chocolate tonight here in Orlando, since cold front from the north is descending upon us.
    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday :)

  2. Just curled up with a cup of green tea and a slice of ginger cake (ok, 2 slices of ginger cake), great warming image

  3. I think my last comment might have failed, got frozen in the big freeze or something! Lovely warm image, set me up well while I enjoyed my green tea and ginger cake! Thanks for following 120socks. I have just added you in to my list as well. So happy blogging!!!

  4. Happy advent! You must do a post on the advent sunday treat stacks as I never remember what each bit means!

  5. Natasha ....will do next week.


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