Thursday, December 9

A poem for Thursday.


The grasses waved for me. 

The sands duned for me.

The waves lapped for me.

The birds skimmed for me.

The skylark soared for me.

The fog horns boomed for me.

And three swans, in formation,
Flew past overhead.
As I received the gift
Of the present.


  1. I love Blundelsands - haven;t been for years but your poem and the photographs brought it all bac k - lovely.

  2. Thankyou Weaver for the comment. It took me many years to realise that we had a really wonderful coastal area so close by, I was always looking for somewhere exotic...and there it was all the time!

  3. Great poem and images, and yes the gift of the present is a wonderful thing!

  4. __I had never heard of Blundlesands... but now I have! Ooooo... all those "posers" there!
    __Is it not it wonderous that we look to far away places to admire nature's beauty, when it can always be found nearby?
    __Great photos and verse Gerry! "As I recieved the gift of the present."

    herring gulls
    glide this shore's winds
    sand swirls

    Thanks, to your inspirational views! _m

  5. Magyar...thankyou for such a great comment. I think that very often beauty is under our noses, but our eyes are looking to the green field over the hill!! Love that haiku, it says all there is in those three lines.

  6. I have had more time recently to enjoy other blogs and looked at yours right from the beginning. It is so nice, I love your poem and your family stories and your general upbeat attitude!

    1. thankyou so much for your encouragement and for looking back on it has been fun and I follow you as I'm interested in all things in Berlin etc!!Love your blog!!


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