Thursday, December 2

A poem for Thursday.

The cold weather reminds me of altercations between me and my beloved at times!

The Argument

Nothing is said.
silence rains
it freezes
it snows.
an iceberg forms
that blocks all warmth
no kindly words.


  1. I think we can all recognise this feeling...

  2. jinksy...I think it must be universal, good job it is or I might think myself odd!

  3. I like the idea here but I find myself nitpicking about the sequence of events not that I have a scientific bone in my body. I think I might have gone with glacier rather than iceberg, something that slowly engulfs the land underneath. But that's just me being petty. And it's far too cold for pettiness.

  4. jim, thankyou for your comment. It's good when someone actually thinks a bit about what you have written! Well I was in Florence when I wrote this and the weather was hot, So maybe...coming as I do from Belfast and the city of Titanic...I was thinking of the immovable object! I'll think about your sugestion however.

  5. We have all been there Gerry! But I think when it comes to the cold silent treatment, no male does it better than a woman!!! They say that if a woman takes away her words, trouble is brewing!! I have often been guilty of that particular offense!


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