Thursday, November 4

A Poem for Thursday.

At twentyone I left the land
and travelled on the Irish Sea.
I reached a southern port
And taught the children
on the chalky hills.
They thought I was a foreigner

French perhaps.

At twentysix I travelled north
And settled in a smokey town.
Where words were old and beer
was drunk on Friday nights
in crowded bars.
They thought I was a foreigner.

Scottish perhaps.

In troubled times I went back west
To where the planted people lived.
And dodged the bombs and
feared the fires where city folk
still walked and worked.
I felt I was a foreigner.

English perhaps.

Now 40 years have come and gone
And wars are fought and lives are lost.
And fights are won or
so they say though where
or when I do not know.
And none of us are foreigners

Human perhaps.

[The art work is based on the gaelic meaning of Donegal...."The stronghold of the foreigners...the Vikings". and all items were collected on Irish beaches.]


  1. I don't think I can adequately put into words how much I like and admire this poem. It has everything I think a poem should have: a strong idea, faithful development, the smack of truth and an original take on an important subject. I'm just glad I didn't miss it!

  2. I am intrigued by the art work. The piece of jaw gathered on an Irish beach looks uncannily like two pieces of moose jawbones that I found in the bush near my home in northern Ontario, Canada. As my ancestors were Scot and Irish, I wonder at this fragile link between us.

  3. Dave..I'm always glad to get a comment from you. Thankyou.It's not always easy to be honest to yourself without being a bit "precious"!
    Elizabeth.. the jaw bone was taken from a western Donegal beach where often driftwood and other things from America can be found. At that point there's nothing between us but The Atlantic Ocean!

  4. This is great, Gerry. This poem tells me so much, and the art work is telling me legends from an ancient time.
    "None of us are foreigners"-a perfect conclusion.

    Best wishes

  5. Another great poem from the Bard of Penketh!

  6. __We just have to respect the direction in which this poem travels! The proof that we are all... one.
    __Fine piece, Gerry! _m

  7. I really loved this poem....thank you Gerry.

  8. A lovely poem and Gaelic as well? I have been told that my name is of Gaelic origin but who knows. Love the pottery.


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