Monday, November 8

The Lost Sheep

Alan has done a series based on the bible story of the one lost sheep and the ninety nine who were sensible.

Alan is no preacher, just an artist with a quirky sense of humour. And this can be a really funny story!!
Some of the series have had a shepherd who takes his mobile phone with him...but forgets to turn it on, so there is a  little screaming lamb with a mobile shouting up from the bottom of the ravine.

This little fellow has scratched his way all the way down the sheer face of the cliff.

Sometimes the shepherd carries binoculars just to get a better look.

When he sees the thing, he hauls it up on his crook by the neck....oh, oh!

All's well that ends well...don't do it again!!


  1. These are exquisite - such a sense of humour - nice to be married to someone with a sense of humour I always think. Does he have a web site where they are for sale?

  2. I love the "fingernail" scratches all the way down! He's a quer geg our Alan!! Love it

  3. Weaver.. thankyou for the comment on Alan's ceramics! Yes he has a very weird and wonderful sense of the ridiculous!! We had a website, but being the non cyber folks that we both are ,we lost it! so this week our son is hopefully going to sit by me and restore
    Let's hope that I understand what he tells me!

  4. They're wonderful - and superb photographs to boot!

  5. That is some great craftmanship

  6. I'm passing all of your comments on to the Potter [ not really into the cyber world!]

  7. I would buy one of these pieces in a minute! Amazing work...

  8. I am the proud owner of a number of pieces!


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