Thursday, November 25

Charity Gigs.

Nowadays any singing that I do tends to be for celebration or charity.

That's me at a recent 60th birthday bash for a friend.

So in October I was pleased to be asked once again to sing at an afternoon garden party not far from The Potters House.
The charity gig was to raise money for Francis House Hospice for children, which is situated in Didsbury south Manchester. We've had quite a relationship with the hospice over the years, so we know  it takes around £2 m. per year  to keep it open
Attendance in the garden is usually by invitation only, though this year I noticed that some children crept in at the back, drawn in by the music.

The afternoon is organised by lovely Gordon and his beloved Kathy, though Gordon would poo poo the thought that it was his idea and his alone.


And Kathy,
always making sure that everyone is happy.

The master of ceremonies keeping everything running along  smoothly.

I love the fact that the ages of the partakers range from children under ten to oldies. I'm probably one of the oldies!
Also the range of musical types is as broad and wide as could be. And I like that as well.

Singing a Peggy Lee number..."Why don't you do right!"
backed by keyboard player extaordinaire Tim Firth.

I've always tended to sing with a jazz influence. But there were classical instumental and vocal performances, and teenagers with rock and pop music.

Keyboard, violin, flute, guitars and drum all had a place in the programme. Singers of classical, folk, pop, rock and jazz lined up to do their bit!

At the half way stage, we had cake and drinks  and amazingly for October, the weather was fine and we were able to stay out of doors for the whole afternoon.

In the middle of the garden a red watering can sat on top of a bird bath and into that container people were encouraged to drop their money or rather to push in the notes!

I think that the thing about these lovely charity dos is that all involved are volunteers. Nobody gets paid and every one has a great time because in some ways the pressure is off. Yet every one comes up trumps for the charity. I wonder where that leaves David Cameron's new political mantra that he has referring to the BIG society. Isn't it just happening quietly all over the place? 


  1. Looks fun! I spotted Dad by the cakes, no surprise there then!

  2. Superb, lovely post. I enjoyed every line and image of it.

  3. how lovely you look....i wish i could here how you sing.......

  4. Yes is by the cakes! I know that he is excedingly glad that he has a daughter who is a wizard cake baker!!
    Dave thankyou for your comment...i love gigs like that they bring out the best in everyone! kind of you to think that I look lovely!! I don't really have any up to date recordings nowadays. thankyou.

  5. Hi Gerry,

    It is the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. There is so much to be thankful for, add to that all the wonderful volunteers worldwide. Thank you all!


  6. Fabulous Gerry!! Would love to hear you sing..

  7. thank you for popping over Marjorie. I hope that all went well for your very special day. Yes lots to be thankful for !

  8. You should put some pics up of our do GranG!!! xxx <3 xxx <3 xxx

  9. Well Severus ...I will come next July!!


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