Wednesday, November 3

Autumn Colours at The Potters House Penketh

We may have a bonfire this evening if the rain stays off.
Even if we don't, this is the last week of these beautiful colours in the garden. Why am I always caught unawares by the glory of the late autumn?  I think,"oh no winter comes!", and then up comes this display, and I'm loving the time of year again. So here it is for another few days.

Lots of leaves, but more to come.

Berries and fruit galore.

The orchard has given up it's goodies.

No more swinging in the hammock, the family birch for each of the eleven members...settles down for a quiet winter.

Thankyou Gardener.


  1. And a very colourful Autumn you seem to be having!

  2. That red branch looks to me like Cotoneaster Horizontalis - it never fails to put on a good autumn show.
    Also loved what I think was the last of the purple verbena.
    I do think this has been a very spectacular Autumn. Let's hope we don't get a spectacular Winter!

  3. Looks like you are enjoying the bright colors of Fall! Keep our fingers crossed that it will stay that way for some time!

  4. just loverly!! i ADORE the idea of the "family birch grove".

  5. Yes, fall is grand. Lovely photos.

  6. Weaver...I'm not sure what the purple is ..I'm not great on names...but I love the vibrancy of it , it almost glows.
    Erin...the idea for the family birch grove just grew and grew!!! Every time either another member arrived or was born we lpanted a little silver birch tree. Now there are eleven!
    I too think that our autumns have become more colourful or am I just getting older !

  7. Hej Gerry, on the grey rainy days I also think: How will winter be this year? But then there is this explosion of colours, where autumn says: Look at me I am so beautiful.

    And winter comes no matter what. There are not as many berries for the birds this year as last year (here where I live) - which according to folklore means "that winter will be short and mild"!
    Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures with us. Fantastic colours. Just how autumn is. I have never seen this pretty purple bush before.
    Grethe ´)

  8. *sigh* Too lovely. We never get a show like that. lol


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