Tuesday, November 2

Alan's Art ..... The Drop of Water.

This ceramic piece was made for a show at The Brighton Festival a couple of years ago.
Each year Annelies Clarke, whose home we exhibit in, has a theme  for the artists in her show to follow.
That year it was the earth's reserves and how we use or abuse them.
This piece is symbolic of one drop of water and the earth's need of it to sustain life.

More art from The Potters House can be seen on Flickr.


  1. Lovely piece! I'll look out for your stuff next time. I've seen some of Annalies Clarke's paintings - she's very talented.

  2. Always loved this shape pot!

  3. I think the shape is the iconic teardrop or even seed shape. It appeals to the senses. Thankyou for your comments.


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