Wednesday, November 10

A Poem for Thursday.

Considering the State of Affairs in November

In winter trees appear undressed.
I ask, "Can this be for the best?"
I fear if I should be so bold,
I soon would catch a nasty cold.
Yet trees seem happy with the plan.
So - each his own - both tree and man.


  1. I like your poem and love the painting !

  2. Love the poem and painting! But making me feel cold! Roll on the Spring.

  3. very catchy ;) xxx <3 xxx <3 xxx

  4. thanks Lo for a kind comment, and Natasha and Severus as well.
    We are supposed to be having a bad weather warning here today and all of the kids have been sent home from school!! my day!!!

  5. it is getting windy now, but anything to get out of physics! xxx <3 xxx <3 xxx


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