Wednesday, November 24

A Poem for Thursday

The Running Man.

The man who runs
    is running on the edge.
He never glances back.
He takes an even stride.
With every breath
    exactly as the last
He will not be afraid.
He only looks ahead.
Past events
    inhabit other lands.
They will not pull him down
Nor slow his measured pace.
The running man
    stays cool and beats the crowd.
His ears are blocked
To all unfriendly jeers.
Tho' mournful spirits
    call,he does not heed
Their plaintive cry
 To join them in the deep.
They taunt him
    and they whisper of the past.
Of deeds and words
 He rather would forget.
The running man
    stays low and hugs the edge.
Old tales and fables
Cannot harm his flesh,
Nor claim his mortal soul.

There is  an old celtic tale that the souls of the dead go down into the deep and rise up on the tops of the waves as they crash on the beach. They call to the living to join them. I suppose rather similar to the story of the Rhine Maidens who sit on the rocks at The Lorelei.
These thoughts along with the pun ,"the human race", got me thinking about the things that affect us and would try to pull us down.
I love all of these old stories, they have so much depth to them.


  1. Really enjoyed this poem. It has a great pace (which for a running man is quite useful!). Intrigued at 'Tho'' and not 'Though'.

  2. I love the old stories too. They tell us so much about ourselves. ☺ Like your poem too.

  3. I have this weird feeling: I'd like to encounter that poem outside somewhere, in a garden or a wood. I'm not sure why, but there's something earthy about it.

    Your comment on the souls of the dead reminded me of the story The Soul Cages (I think it's called) in Yeats' Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland. (Do you know it? It even has the Banshee's song written in musical notation in the Appendix!)

  4. I must look that up Dominic. I have a few books on Irish Tales but you are right in as much as each story teller put their own slant on it ...that's how they made there living! Thankyou.

  5. I am a running woman and this is beautiful

  6. I am a Running Woman. This is beautiful. Thankyou


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