Thursday, November 11


Laura rounded us up today at The Oaks Cafe, where I work as a cook on a Thursday...have done for ten years now. Thursday is always a very busy day. We have french classes, learning difficulty clients and their carers, regular punters and folk from the Leonard Cheshire homes across the courtyard. We are a fiesty group of women cooking up a storm of delish food!
But today was remembrance day. The local street bobbies came in for their breakfast and at one minute to eleven, Laura [the youngest among us] pointed at the clock and we all stood up and were silent. Well almost. One lovely client kept repeating that she was being quiet and we didn't mind as we call this group, "the happy people".

Oh, and the local bowlers come on a Thursday after cafe service is finished.

Maddy a.k.a. Wonderwoman...I'm excited about her pink day in May making money for a  breast cancer charity. 

Maddy in cook gear with Linda, Manageress par excellence. 


  1. And a very warm and welcoming place it looks, too. :)

  2. Hi there Gerry, looks like a pretty strong and happy community you've got there. Good to see so many smiling faces. Enjoy ;-D

  3. thankyou Shirl and is and also fun though hard work...we're a really popular cafe. I only work on a Thursday but it's open for food 5 days a week.


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