Tuesday, October 19

The Rowers - sculpture.

I like this work by Alan.
 Like is maybe the wrong word.
Sometimes we feel that no matter how hard we are rowing in the sea of life, there is someone rowing in the opposite direction and so we get nowhere.
Maybe we need to think,"well at least I'm out there trying"!

Sculpture by Alan Snape@ The Potters House Penketh.
Ceramic and driftwood. 


  1. Yes I see what you mean about the word 'like' - it doesn't say enough. That piece says more than a thousand words really doesn't it.
    My previous husband was a watercolourist and we used to stand by his work in exhibitions to listen to what they said. He used to be so irritated if they said they liked it or it was nice. He wanted his work to prompt a strong response from everyone. So I don't want to say I like it - all I want to say is that it says such a lot without words - brilliant.

  2. that's the hardest thing to do! just stand there and take what is said .I do that when I exhibit at the Brighton Festival and I'm with some amazing other artists. I suppose some would say that it does us good....I can think of other things to do good!!!

  3. Furtheron, thankyou for your encouragement. Alan has just come back froma good gallery day in Suffolk where they took every thing in the back of the car...I mean ceramics of course! He is the tops in the packing of the goods!!


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