Wednesday, October 13

A Poem for Thursday.

Suddenly the warmth of last week has left us, and the clear skies have allowed the nights to turn chilly. So Autumn is at last a reality.

Summer House Lament

I lie and watch
 the leaves turn brown.
Then fall and flutter to the ground.
The old grey squirrel
at his toil,
hides chestnuts
in the autumn soil.
Fat pigeons
Flying through the wood
And calling
from the distant roofs.
The last red apples
turn to wine,
And on them bees and wasps still dine.
And birds,
who still sing summer's song
soon the season will be gone. 


  1. Gerry the rays of sunlight are just magical shining through those tree trunks. Thankyou so much for letting yourself be known to me through your comment this evening. I don't have that navigation bar at the top of my blog but at the bottom footer there is a section to click to follow my blog. Its normally the last thing to load on my blog but it eventually will appear. I also have a box where you can add your email address to my feedburner even. Hope that helps :)

  2. Oh, so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. be still my the rays of light...i call them angels. beautiful. and of course your poetry sings.........

  4. The forest was really a magical place the day that I walked through it with my sister and her lovely dog Eddie, now sadly gone. because of the Lewis association with the area, it was as if Aslan himself was about to burst through the trees out of the sunlight...You'll guess that I'm a bit fanciful!!

  5. Lovely poem to end summer, Gerry and lovely pic to go with it.


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