Friday, October 1

More camels arrive.

I see that in the fashion world, camel is the new black. How fortunate is that.
Three new dashing camels have emerged from the dusty environment of the studio!

They are looking pretty pleased with themselves. It's not every day that a fellow gets to wearing such wonderful foot clobber, doncha know!


  1. oh my! LOVE them!!!! i'm thinking about names... and i would like a pair of boots just like the blue ones. Please pass on my enthusiasm to Alan also :~)

  2. Is it my imagination or does the bootless one appear to have a more supercilious air? Love all three.

  3. Zena Herbert01/10/2010, 18:01

    They look as if they've escaped whilst the Kings were sleeping! Astonishing!

  4. couldn't be more right! He is a ship of the desert [ in fact he is 3 ships of the desert,] but do you think I could get the thingy to work to show him properly? nnooooo!
    John..not just desert boots but a member of The Camel Corps...I think!
    Helen...shall we have a naming competition? now that would be fun!


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