Sunday, October 31


Last week was spent with my sister in Belfast. That's Rosie McClelland the artist and teacher extraordinaire.
She is preparing the wedding goodies for her daughter's nuptials in Goa. I was there to be a "little housewifey" so that she could get on with the job in hand!
We had a ball. Laughed a lot ...'til we cried. Met some more of the new family..[there's a story and a half]..
Saw the new twins, I say new , they are soon going to be two .

Ate at the new part of The Merchant,  Berts, where my nephew is head chef, top food!
Ate at Zen Japanese restaurant, first time for that food.
Went to have a look at the gorgeous clothes in  Envoy of Belfast, where Rosie's daughter works...stunning!!
Met up with my old friends from teenage years at the Bay Tree in Holywood, and lots more laughing of course.

Went to the Ulster Museum to see the 2010 Royal Ulster Academy Show and then on to Clandeboye estate to see the latest exhibition at the Ava Gallery.
And she still managed to get three garments nearly finished!


  1. We've McClellands in our family too - our US ones are making a family tree book just now of the family. Looks like you had a great time. Your sister's paintings look lovely.

  2. leavesnblooms..thankyou for popping over to the blog.
    we are obviously originally also from scotland ..the Galloway region where the little town of Balmaclellan is. I went once to see the castle. Very interesting and fun to think of all those cattle rustlers in days gone by racing up the tower to protect their herds! We have a big family tree as it was my brothers job until hwe retired. Rosie is now the keeper of it . What fun if we were to find that we were recently related!!!

  3. Hi Gerry,

    It sounds as if you had a lovely and busy time. I especially like the picture of all the girls. Nothing like meeting up with old friends.

    Your new friend,

  4. Gerry...Hope you had time for a glass in The Crown?

  5. John...I had so many glasses in so many places but didn't make it to the Crown. Next time maybe!


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