Wednesday, October 20

a Poem for Thursday.

I'm a follower of Polly Vous Francais and her post today is about the riots in France.
It reminded me of "The Troubles" as they are prone to be called, in my homeland of Ulster.
I wrote this while we were on the way to a wedding in Oxford. But my thoughts and concerns were for the family still living in Belfast that day.
I didn't actually know about Omagh until we bought the paper the next morning. My poem was really just about my frustration and anger at the futility of so much that goes on in the name on politics whether France, Iraq, Afghanistan or Ireland. No prophetic knowledge of what obscene action was even then happening.

August 1998

I want to go back to Ballyferris safety.
I want that euphoric upper storey experience.
I don't care how unreal it was.
I don't care how insecure the foundation was.

I want it back.

Where can I capture it?
I need a butterfly net.
I need a bottle of fresh air.
I need sand between my toes
-and daisies.

Lots of daisies.

How could something so perfect
               go so wrong?
What did we do?
Who held the pin that burst our bubble?
How cynical!
Why did they take away our hope?
How cruel!

Here we are following the M40
Down to the milllenium,
                to the 21st century
                             behind a little red mini.

Once upon a time-
We thought every thing would last forever.
Always sunshine in the day
Soft rain at night.
Wild flowers in the grass.
Smiling faces.
Easy lives.
Forgiveness and

I hate you Bruce Naumann.
You've let the spirits out of Pandora's box.
Nobody can ever catch them again.
Forget the butterfly net.

I despise your truthfulness.
I want to run away from your noise,

Stop the world !
I want to get off!


  1. Hello Gerry. Found you through Gwilym's blog.

    I really enjoyed the powerful train of brain flow as you followed a little red dot along. And the images of an earlier time coupled with the art of Naumann.

    Great rhythm to this poem.

  2. Thankyou Gordon for visiting my site, and for your kind comments.
    It's a tricky subject. I've always, always felt how daft to split an island.I have a theory that if each of the inhabitants were given an acre of land to build a house in the middle of it , noone would need to have any thing to do with their neighbour!There are only 5 or 6 million Irish left in the country although they say 70 million through out the rest of the world.
    I's a silly idea...not practical at all.Just dreaming.

  3. The Irish have made their mark all over the world; they are a great people. I like to read about the history of the Irish,( especially the Middle Ages!)- and I love their music.
    The Irish have had troubled times in the past century, and we have followed you in the medias, but it is like you always survive with the skin on your nose in spite of all the trouble you have been through.
    A wonderful poem.

  4. I very much like how you write...


  5. Thyra, You are absolutely right about past troubles. I know that most cultures have their bad times and good times. Yesterday my sister and I went looking for old family graves up in the hills and got caught up in a bomb scare.We were really fine but a poor french woman was in a state. I thought," well at least you can get petrol here"!!!

    Pearl, thankyou for visiting my post, and for your kind words.

  6. I think that speaks for all of us. A fine summing up of the zeitgeist.

  7. Hej Gerry, I'm glad I saw this, for I'm so bad at finding comments both on my own and others blogs. (I've got too many blogs!)
    So I have not seen your comment from 17.Oct. on my poetry blog until today! Thank you very much for you kind comment. It's so appreciated.
    I love your poems.
    Best wishes
    Grethe ´)


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