Monday, September 13

Running for the Poetry Bus..Donegal Summer.

I've been away and just got back to find I nearly missed the bus. No time table in my pocket. What can you expect from an Irish woman!

Donegal summer

Soft weather since Monday

A skylark sings

Every morning.

Four or three grey-jacketed rooks

Sit on posts

Facing the rain



You couldn't really call grey a colour could you? more of an absence of it!


  1. I love the grey - nearly chose that as my poetry colour Gerry. Hope you enjoyed your time away - I have missed you, so welcome back.

  2. As a kid I always felt sorry for Captain Grey. Secretly he must have longed to be either Captain Scarlet or Captain Blue. Well, who wouldn't?

  3. Thanks for that John. I like that thought.

  4. actually Weaver, I'm thinking that I might paint the front door grey, you know that gun metal colour!


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