Monday, September 13

Prom Art grange-over-sands in August.

I missed out on the July PromArt as life became too busy.
You always think that come the summer all will slow down, but that's not how it usually happens!
So here is the report for the August Exhibitions.
I'm putting up a selection of photos of the gardens. Some are from July and some August, but as usual the show is amazing. And it's all credit to the people of Grange and the different organisations who tend the gardens..

At the top of the hill up from the prom is a pub with this great painted sign.

It's always busy on  Sundays .
I just love the sign.

Every month we take a walk and buy some cake goodies from this fabulous tea room.
Having just come back from Padstow and the joy of fish and chips from The Rick Stein shops, I couldn't resist a photo of this in Grange.

The August flowers were just as lovely as any other month.  I often used to find that  in my own garden by August most of what I had was greenery,
but recently I seem to be a bit more clued up on what will bloom on into the autumn. Well we live and learn, as they say! 


August was the first month that Brian Herald brought his work.
A graduate of John Moore Art College Liverpool he has been in the graphics world until he retired.
07505 744 211

I had some really good feed back  re.the new wind break and covers this time! Also we sold 
 well.. which is always very nice!

We are always to be found on
pottershousepenkethblogspot .com
01925 727590

I try to bring a good picnic
to have and usually a little bottle of wine. There's no point sitting there and watching the world go by and the seagulls swoop with an empty stomach!


Four Seasons Glass Ware
is the work of
Alda Willacy and Loraine Mason.
Kiln Formed and Copper Foil Glass
0781 7023489

Alison Frost
07790 293 253

Lynne Frost

Jewels of the Caribbean
01539 731600

Russel and Shelley Walker have brought a touch of India in the beautiful jewellry that they create with silver and semi-precious stones.
Just Jhana
07624 498316/07986  996934

Every month we are given a taste of jazzfrom the people who call themselves
01539 735612

September is the last opportunity to catch any of the artists that I've written about through the season of 2010.
but if you are interested in their work the websites and e-mail addresses are all available.


  1. Gerry, this Prom Art thing sounds so very interesting - will it continue next Summer, because if so I shall make a point of visiting one day - it is just a nice day out for us driving over to there - wish I had known about it earlier.

  2. Weaver, the Prom Art will start again next April and then each month until september. Always on the last Sunday. I'll look forward to seeing you ....that will be fun!

  3. A grand collection!
    __We have the same sort of activities here, but I'd really like to see your Prom Art.
    __Your photos bring it close! _m

  4. that looks like one of those days that if I went with the girls I'd know exactly where to find them... at the jewelery stand :-)

  5. The flowers look fabulous, gorgeous photos!


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