Thursday, September 2

A Poem for Thursday


Three blackbirds sat
in the rowan tree,
They wiped their beaks
and sang to me.
" There's nothing left for you to see.
The fruit was ours
and the fruit was free."

Three blackbirds sat
in an old fig tree.
Each winked an eye
and sang to me.
" The fattest figs all belong to me,
The fruit is mine
and the fruit is free".

Three blackbirds sat
in the damson tree,
And they were as fat
as fat could be.
They'd eaten as much as they could see.
For the fruit was fine 
and the fruit was free.

Three blackbirds sat
In an apple tree,
And each kept a beady eye on me.
But I clapped my hands
for I couldn't agree
To let them think
that this fruit was free!

Give us a break blackbirds!


  1. Beautiful poem Gerry and what lovely apples - my mouth waters to look at them. Over the Summer we have hardly seen a blackbird, now they have completely stripped our rowand too and they are congregating at the bird table every morning. Last winter we had 23 regular visitors - looks like it is going to be that many again this year.

  2. they sit and look at me now that the summer is past! I love them though because dad used to sing that old song to me, "if I were a blackbird...." do you know it?


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