Friday, September 3

Cornwall III The Eden Project.

I've wanted to go to the Eden Project for as long as I have heard about it in the media.
Lots of friends and family have already been and drooled over the amazing concept that it is.
Thanks a lot ...I want to see it for myself. [ little pout!]
So off we set from Looe on the Monday morning. All three cars. All eleven people.
I don't quite know what I expected, but I was blown away by the sheer size of the place.
That was one big quarry in it's day and goodness how it's changed.
From bare stone to lush and full planting!

I thought about what we had done those 30 years before at the Potters House, when we took what had become an unofficial rubbish tip for the local neighbourhood. That was a mere drop in a big ocean compared to this.
To have the vision and to, "put your money where your mouth is", needs long term commitment to the land and the people who will support you.

Being in the equatorial dome reminded me of my school and college days when I regularly walked through the Botanic Gardens in Belfast.
We often had a meander through the glass houses  on the way home  after school. They were some of the earliest to be constructed in the British Isles. Sadly they got smashed in the years of the Troubles, but more recently they have been completely renovated and restored to their original splendour.

The favorite place however was the den building tent.
Not many children got a look in there!
Serious constructing went on with fathers and grand fathers and mothers and children were consigned to being goofers!

Den building has gone on even since we all came back up north. This is the real thing folks!


  1. Everyone i know who has visited the Eden Project has felt the same Gerry - I really think I might have to go one day soon.

  2. I thought I would come and pay you a visit, Gerry after you expressed your love of Richard Long's work. And then I discover that you also love Billie Holliday and Joni Mitchell. You sound like my sort of gal!!!

    JM's 'Blue' has to be one of the best LP's ever produced. And as for BH singing 'Roll Out The Barrel' - well, it never fails to make me laugh, which must be a good thing!

    As for Eden - I've never been but really must get around to it one day.


  3. Fabulous. I, too have wanted to go since they first began to build the place. One day I will get there. In the meantime thanks for a delicious snack along the way.

  4. Johnson; I'm so glad that you share some of my likes and loves. BH was ever my muse as far as how to sing a line or emote a phrase. I sang a bit in my early years and she was my main inspiration. And my love of the landscape artists I suppose comes from my love of the freedom I had as a child and teenager at Ballyferris in Co. Down. I've started writing the results of that free time in some of my blogs.
    Weaver: I'm absolutely sure that you would love it at Eden. It's the sheer inspiration behind it all that stunned me.
    Dave: thanks for calling it a "snack" I like that. My fellow blogger Zena Declared that she loved Eden so much that she would marry it if asked to! There's a turn of phrase, don't you think?

  5. I was going to say what an amazing garden but it's obviously more then that. The Eden Project is exactly that...EDEN!
    Those tropical plants makes you feel your on an island somewhere.
    Thanks for stopping by today so I could find your lovely blog!

  6. Gerry, I'm going to have to go google this. {google is my friend. Isn;t he wonderful?! ☺} I had never heard of this project but it looks amazing. Now I want to visit too, only it's a little more difficult from here.

  7. Now there is somewhere on my must visit list


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