Monday, August 30

The Poetry Bus

Here's a recurring nightmare!
I was ever a dreamer.

The School Bus

I am dawdling
And the mother's voice
Cries out
The old refrain.
"Have you got your beret,
Got your satchel,
Got your homework diary?"

I am waiting
At the bus stop,
And it's just begun
To rain.
There's no shelter
And as usual
I'm not exactly early.

Bus is crowded
Full of children
So I'm
Standing up again.
Getting glances
Some smug glances
From a seated
Little girlie!

Still, I'm first off.
And I'm running
Through the gardens
Through the pain.
For the prefects
For the mistresses
The masters
Will be surly

If I reach
The gates of High School
Of the rugby-playing
And I'm late there
For the roll call
For the class room-
Where's the class room?
What's the subject?
Who's the teacher?

Ah I'm dreaming once again!


  1. It was such a massive impersonal place. By the way, do you know where your homework diary is? And crucially have you done the homework?!!! Yep I've had that particular nightmare too

  2. It's an on going thing really because now it's MUCH more important...such as where are my glasses...where is my passport etc. etc.!

  3. That brought back school days very nicely. I like the rhyming.

  4. I dream about work all the time! I think it's wishful thinking!

  5. Lovely rhythm to this. Homework diaries, eh? That takes me back.

  6. Homework diaries..AAAARRRGGHH! Great poem but thank feck it's all a bad dream!

  7. Bit of a nightmare dream there - one I'm sure many will recognise! :)

  8. Gerry, my only recurring dream takes place on my college campus, and it's similar to yours. I can't find the room where the final exam is to be given. I always meet the same persons on the way but I'm running late and I miss the exam every time. What a nightmare, and what does it say about us?

    Thanks for sharing your dream and poem!

  9. Thankyou all for your comments. I seemed to have touched a raw spot with lots of you. I hope that you didn't lose any sleep!!!


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