Wednesday, August 11

More Camels!

Two more camels in the studio.
Another has it's boots on but the other thinks it really is The Ship of The Desert  actually the ships of the desert!

They are waiting in the kiln room to be fired to biscuit.
I think that they probably feel a bit above the other fellows waiting on the shelf.
Camels have that look...don't they?


  1. I think that the camels like themselves..

  2. They do, indeed, but in this case not without reason!

  3. Gerry, get yourself a copy of this album:

    You won't be disappointed!


  4. These are amazing and full of personality!

  5. I love your camels, Gerry! ♥ They have so much character. ☺

  6. john ..thankyou for this suggestion. I will follow it up. sounds fun.
    Weaver...the shelf is newly put up as we have cleared out years of grot from that kiln room [ this is the royal we.. I mean Alan!]
    Ganeida.. they seem to be taking control of quite a bit of the studio!! I'm keeping an eye on them!
    Thankyou every one for visiting.


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