Monday, August 30


We are just back from a week in Cornwall. We,that  is all eleven of us, and we  got on fine!
We stayed in Looe, at least up the hill from Looe, and did as much as we could do without getting too wet from the rain! On Wednesday the local weather forecaster commented that, "It has been the heaviest day of rain in August for many years". The water under the bridges in Polperro was a mere 12 to 18 inches from the underside. But we did a lot because that's who we are!
So I think that I shall put up a kind of diary of our doings through the week. Mostly for myself as a sort of memory as it was 37 years since Alan and myself were there.  it was also quite a  special  time as it brought  back the doings of our youth! But if you know Cornwall, as I'm sure so many do, then maybe it will give you a reminder of all that  there is to enjoy.

The grown-ups sit and shelter from the rain


children gather treasure

and yachtsmen ignore the weather

even when they can see very little!

every where the signs say "don't feed the gulls"
but the gulls ignore the signs
and wait until we have finished our fish and chips
 and bring their young ones to the feast.

and Kate and I decide to do some drawing
down the jetty
as the fishermen go out
on the high tide.

Kate just wants to gaze at the sea
it's that way when you live inland
it has that effect on you. 


  1. And I'm sorry to say the weather is heavenly today! Let me know if you come down again and I'll make obeisance to the good weather fairy..

  2. i miss cornwall =( xxx <3 xxx <3 xxx

  3. ah looks as though you had a great time xx

  4. Can't believe it was less than a week ago!


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