Tuesday, August 31

Cornwall II The Church Fete.

There is nothing that we like more, we Potters House people, than a good local fete and on the Sunday, the son managed to find a great one close to Looe at a church which is associated with a local convent. Tents and marquees and stalls full of goodies. Food cooked by a wandering Frenchman. Plants from the convent gardens and other lovely gardeners...you know the kind of thing that I mean!
I bought a little silver ring. The lady, and I think she probably was, informed me that it had been her daughters and she wanted £10 for it . I think she saw the look in my eyes as she very quickly reduced it to £5.
I gave it to Kate. It fitted her finger exactly!

I bought a plant that the nuns had grown. It was 12inches high. I paid my £1 and then the salesman said, "it will grow to 10 feet high". Gulp!  Never mind, let's have a go and see how long we can keep it alive up north. I can't remember what its called, just that it will get very BIG.

We try to hold a fete ourselves at The Potters House each year although with all that has gone on, we didn't manage it this summer. We usually do it and split the takings between The Jennifer Trust for SMA sufferers and their families and Francis House Hospice for Children in Didsbury.These are pictures from last summer.

                                       It's a time for neighbours

A time for families

A time for music and laughter

This is the main man
He can play what you ask!
It's fantastic fun and all the locals look forward to it and are disapppointed when it doesn't come off.

 But back to Cornwall and the fabulous food.
And the potter is wearing that sweater again!

                       Food is always a big part of any fete.
                        Don't you love how photos lie!
                       The potter looks like a midget next to the son!

the daughter has her purse open again...
don't miss a bargain!

daughter-in-law samples the savouries

and always the seagull waiting to clean up what we drop!


  1. Lovely photographs - they'll be nice to look at and reminisce about on a cold winter's night - and we get plenty of those up North, don't we?

  2. A lovely day! Lots of scrummy pancakes were consumed!

  3. Carolyn Crawford01/09/2010, 20:59

    Looks like a great family day out, wish I could have been there too. Lots of interesting goodys to buy.xxx


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