Tuesday, July 20

Suffolk, glorious Suffolk.

When asked ,"where would you really like to live?" I will imediately answer, "Suffolk!" Now that is never (most probably) going to happen. But FORtunately, as my three year old grand daughter would say, Alan exhibits in two galleries there. One is The Buckenham in Southwold, the other The Snape Maltings. How FORtunate is that when our surname is Snape! This post is just a few of the wonderful things that I love about the area.
When we go now, both being  over the hill called '60', we stay in a bit of luxury at The Swan in Southwold.

We first went to The Snape Maltings to take some ceramics. You remember that camel?
....well he went, prepared as he was for all weathers, and a good thing too as the English monsoon choose that day to fall on Snape. Emma, who welcomed him with open arms, if not mouth, exclaimed that her father had always said that he was a member of the Camel Corps. Oh could it be better! Other goodies went in as well. Clowns that some folk love and some are frightened of. Now what is that all about. Has anyone any idea why? Let me know if you have a theory.

I like the one on the right who is balancing while juggling. I have one that Alan regards as a second because he slipped in the kiln and nearly fell of the ball. But isn't this life. Often juggling so much at once and nearly coming a cropper!

Penguins, in all sizes...
oh my that's a very big egg!!

And more of Alan- type wonders.

Puffins...nuff said!

Harbour pots..a touch of Palissy maybe?

and this wonderful beach hut pot that is still in our studio but I thought that you might like to see it. This is quite a big pot compared to the one above it.It's called "A Crown Of Huts".
Then on to Southwold and more of the same delivered at The Buckenham Gallery.

This wonderful sign can be found in the groundfloor gallery at The Buckenham.Gallery.
Looks like common and godly sense to me.


  1. Oh!!! What wonderful work - no wonder Natasha is so talented. I adore your little huts and the harbour hump.

  2. Thankyou pg I think she feels the same about you. I'll pass on your words to Alan!!

  3. Fab work! Let's all move to Suffolk!

  4. Geraldine,thanks for visiting my blog. I'm crazy about puffins. I've just got back from the Farne Islands, and last year I went to Skomer, I even have a photo of a puffin on my kitchen wall. If I ever write poem,which I may well do, may I use your lovely ceramic photo by way of illustration? Please say yes!
    all the puffin best gwilym

  5. I'm huffin an' puffin in to say thankyou for your message! Poet ,we are "dead chuffin" to think the you would want to use the puffin ( is this getting silly I ask myself!)So looking forward to that new poem.

  6. I love the Crown of Huts - fantastic ! I love Suffolk too - fond memories of Aldeburgh and Snape - big skies and rolling seas. I hope you stop by the Oysterage at Orford now and again - just the same now as when I first went there 30(+) years ago...oh dear getting old..

  7. Thankyou Liz.

    I think there should be a festival just for that part of the country. Maybe you know one already!


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