Monday, July 26

Fishy tale

We had a very productive weekend up at the lovely Morecambe Bay. There has been a gathering of artisans and artists coming to live in the road where we stay, and that is quite a big change over the eight years that we have been blessed enough to go there. A young journalist and his wife who is an art photographer, a commercial photographer and now a fisherman. And I mean fisherman. We were asked would we like some sea bass, and nearly snapped the  hand off !  We sent some courgettes across the road, brought up from the "monsoon" garden at home!  [ at the moment it's just a Donegal mist, what we laughingly call a soft day, in Ireland.]  So when Alan went over for the fish he got more that he bargained fact two seabass and a beautiful red mullet. Paid for the sea bass and the mullet came as a freebie. How good is that. On an aside, we do the same with a neighbour who comes to pottery classes and keeps hens. She gets her ceramics fired and we get the best fresh eggs.

Two sea bass

and a lovely red mullet.

We ate the mullet and the flesh was as fresh as the morning milk on the doorstep. We took the advice of the blessed Rick Stein, and did nothing fancy to it. Served it with roasted courgette and peas from Alan's garden.

I can't resist this little N.E. rhyme.

Dance to your daddy
My little laddie
Dance to you daddy 
My little son.

You shall have a fishy 
In a little dishy
You shall have a fishy 
When the boat comes home.

The sea bass are waiting in the freezer for a fabulous meal with family
Good life.


  1. Gosh - just popped you on my blog list and a second later your blog popped to the top of the list.
    That fish looks FRESH - isn't it good to have an exchange like that - we have a glut of peas at present so it would be lovely to swap fish and peas. Am just off to look up Penketh on the map - anywhere near Penrith?

  2. I remember the series "When the boat comes in!" Love shanties....well living near Whitby I would!

  3. thankyou for your messages. I couldn't help putting in the sea shanty, it just kept going round in my head as I was writing the post!

  4. Lovely fish hope you enjoyed them!


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