Saturday, July 31

Family Trees

When we moved to the Potters House nearly 30 years ago, the back  field was a wild unkempt area, with a few mature trees around the edges. Nini was ten and Ben was nine and the field was all theirs as we had no time then to start sorting it out and tidying it up . What joy for two kids! Well, a Tarzan swing was set  up on the tallest of the sycamores. You know the type that I mean...a sturdy rope slung over a high branch, and then brought right down to the ground a distance away and pinned down with some sort of tent peg. A couple of handles on either side of the rope, climb the tree, hands firmly into the handles and with a forest yell slide down...very fast! It was inevitable that there would be little accidents, and as mum I just kept hoping that it wouldn't be too much. Well with Ben it was the little bones in his foot. Probably a hard landing.  And what can a doctor do about that I was informed, so he just hobbled and looked for sympathy. None from his sister, not much from mum and dad. Too much going on elsewhere. The next to go was Nini and hers was a bit like something out of the Keystone Cops. She climbed another thinner tree and showing off, swung out to be admired. Unfortunately the branch she was holding was dead and down she went. This time it was an elbow that was damaged, though it was quite a while before I was informed as she held the arm close to her side! A greenstick fracture, very painful, I had one myself as a child. The bone is cracked or chipped but there is no break.

So you might wonder, whether this week while all the family were together at the Potters House,  if the grand children would be allowed to climb, now that they are of "climbing age"? Well of course they are! There is a Stag's Horn tree that I have been cultivating for just such a time as this. It's branches start low to the ground and then spread out in a wonderful fashion ideal for climbing. I've even had a go myself and got to the second level!
A neighbour called this week asking if it would be possible to trim the eucalyptus tree on their boundary with  the back field. We had already planned to do it this year and of course this gave Alan the ideal excuse to go climb a tree. Tree duly trimmed and delighted  lovely neighbour ...and happy husband.
So you see it IS the family tree AND  family trees. Now I'm thinking of calling the five grand daughters, " The Fabulous Five", as opposed to " The Famous Five". Especially as I read this week that  many of the old fashioned words are to be removed from those books, and 21st century ones replace them. [ I went out especially to a second hand bookshop to snaffle up some of the original " Fives" ! ]

So far no broken bones and I'm thankful.


  1. Wonderful - be sure to let us know when you advance beyond the second level.

  2. When I was young (I'd listen to the radio...sorry, Karen Carpenter earworm)I used to love climbing trees. The only problem was getting down. Sometimes I'd be up there for hours. If cat's can inherit your genes then I seem to have passed this trait onto Thomas our 16 year old (toothless) Ginger Tom.

  3. I am now at the third level in life apparantly.. I think that may not happen, but thanks for your confidence in me anyway! lucky are you to have a 16 year old ginger tom called thomas! I had the very same until last summer. He was given to me as my 50th birthday pressie [now you know!] and was more like a dog than a cat in many ways. I cried a lot when he went last year, though I did'nt think I would as I'd always said that I was a dog lover not a cat! Life catches us all don't it just.

  4. I've had a look John! that is indeed a Thomas!!


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