Thursday, July 29

A poem for Thursday

We go to Spain every June and stay in the hills up above Marbella in a beautiful apartment belonging to family. We look out over the valley to the "Pueblo" Mijas. There is a bull ring there. I've  never been to a fight, but we once had a look around it and saw the bull-fighters' outfits hanging in the dressing room. They were amazingly created and embroidered with colour and beads and gold worked through it all. I thought I understood perhaps a little more about how the Spanish see this ancient sport. It's full of custom and tradition and theatre. But I could never bear to go to see an animal killed for sport. I'm not a vegetarian and never will be. Does that make me a hypocrite. That's not  a question as I don't need an answer.  But is the influence in Spain that of the outsiders who now flock to have a share in that stunning land of sun and mountain?  Or have the Spanish themselves thought ,"enough is enough"?

Anyway on a lighter note, is this haiku or not ? I need the poetry community to put me right!

bullfighting will go
underground the spanish know -

 how to dig big holes 


  1. Hi Gerry

    Definitey Haiku.. 17 syllables - 5,7,5 over three lines.. There is usually a seasonal reference but Bull-fighting in itself is probably seasonal (I don't know!) and there is a leap to something totally different to the main theme in the third line (if I remember rightly known as the 'cutting word) which you have done...

    Technicalities aside (as haiku is not for analysis really - it's all about the feeling and the image created I think)... I love it. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time!!!

    Lots of love

    Sue x

  2. Thankyou Sue .It's my first attempt and I like the constraints....!

  3. Agree with darkhorerun - must visit him/her - it's all about encapsulating the haiku moment. Great post - all of it.


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