Wednesday, June 30

Syd's last cherry tree.

On a regular basis, Alan's late dad Sydney, bought and later discarded fruit trees! If they didn't come up to scratch within an appointed time, often merely a year, out they came and a new one was installed. And so it happened that as he was newly out of hospital after a heart attack, his concern was that the cherry tree was not doing as well as he wanted. Alan helped him to remove it and plant a new one. Sadly Syd died shortly after this and never got to see the beautiful harvest of cherries from the final tree. It is planted stoutly in the back field now near my greenhouse. Handy for popping out to snatch a cherry or two at the end of June!
I noticed some cherry brandy in the supermarket in Marbella last week while stocking up on goodies for the family. Thought , maybe I could have a go with the fruit from Syd's tree so here is my attempt.
I make damson gin and plum brandy each year from the fruit in the field and thought that it should be a fairly similar procedure. Time will tell!

I put a layer of cherries and a layer of sugar until all were used up.


Then poured in the bottle of brandy.

Gave it a good stir about.

And as they say Bob's your uncle although actually Syd was my father-in-law!


  1. Mmmm can't wait!
    Lovely pictures!

  2. Hope there's some left next time I visit! When I was living in Frankfurt I had a "Schrebergarten" or allotment with a wonderful sour cherry tree. Here's a recipe my neighbour gave me for cherry Schnapps.
    1st day
    2lb fruit
    1 1/2 lt water
    Boil and leave to stand
    2nd day
    strain off fruit add one and a half lbs sugar bring to boil and again leave to stand
    3rd day
    add 1 lt rum (at least 54% proof!) and fill into bottles
    voila (or fertig!)

  3. I adore cherries! mmm. And have you ever noticed how peculiar trees are, as if they have a pernicky mind of their own. My dad adored figs & put in several fig trees but although he waited in anticipation each year the crop was small & meagre ~ until the year he died. That year we got a bumper crop of big juicy figs. Sadly no~one else likes them & dad wasn't around to enjoy them Isn't it strange?

  4. Cripes! Ganeida's dad, Gerry's father-in-law - what it this, The Revenge Of The Trees?! Or maybe those figs were a Tribute To The Fallen. But the cherries definitely sound like a Last Laugh.

  5. mmmm I'll be hoping to taste some of that! I love brandy and cherries. Together it should my favorite drink!!

  6. Rosie, thankyou for the germanrecipe. I shall have a go at this as well as the tree must think that the end of all is is producing ripe cherries like they are going out of fashion!

    Ember..thankyou for your concern for our trees! last year the plum treeproduced so much it bent in two. Alan would have given it the chop but I redeemed it and propped it and it's going to be fine a few years!

    Ganeida...sorry about dad....trees and men...i think C.S.Lewis had it right in Narnia, dancing trees and Tolkien with the advancing trees there's not that much difference in our D.N.A. I believe.

    Natasha... there will always be a little something for you here and for fashionbaby too!

  7. Rosie, I've had a go at the German Schnapps and I've had a little drink of it! Our cherries were sweet so I shall use less sugar next time But pretty darn good dad might have said!

  8. or - "dang the fear" !


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