Tuesday, June 1

Prom Art In May

Another Prom Art and the weather which was not supposed to be good was great. I've worked hard on the stand, and it looks a lot better,albeit still a Punch and Judy set!

Penguins flew and  a large shell was taken home to live with a 90 year old ex-potter who regularly visits our stand each month.  A big part of the joy of exhibiting at Grange, is the people who come to see what is new and have a chat. We gave a couple of pieces of work to the organisers to put in the show window in Grange.

There were quite a few new artists this month.

This is the work of Christine Rooney, artist, demonstrator and teacher. She paints in oils, inks, acrylics and mixed media. Contact : christinephipps27@hotmail.co.uk
Lovely quirky illustrations.

Richard Davies runs F.W. Forgeworks in Milnthorpe. Interior and exterior ironwork. I think next time he may even consider bringing an anvil!  FWFORGEWORKS@yahoo.co.uk
I wish I could aford a weather vane for the Potters House....nice.

Ralph Marra has over 40 years experience in the design and advertising world. he brought some canal-ware which he paints in what artists laughingly call "retirement"!  http://www.ralphmarra.com/ and ralph.marra@talktalk.net to see more of his art.
Keith Reynolds  a local Ulverston painter, has been a regular at Prom Art  for the last two seasons.His work has an edge of the style of Paul Klee to it, linear and colourful. Contact him at tk.reynolds@metronet.co.uk

The west coast railway runs along side the prom. It all adds to the atmosphere of the occasion. May brings the blossom to the gardens along the edge and each area is cared for by a group from the town.
I love to take a walk along the prom each month . At the west end was once a Lido style swimming pool. I tried to take some pics to let you see what a great place it must once have been. Wouldn't it be amazing to have this restored. Perhaps English Heritage or some other group could get interested and set the ball rolling!Who knows.

I think this could apply to my life! 


  1. your space looks very professional, love the fabric you used!
    Nice when the weather decides to be nice!!!
    Enjoyed my first prom!!!

  2. Thankyou Peggy. I don't mind that they say it's the Punch and Judy tent as that means it's seasidey.

  3. I love, love, love markets! Wish I could browse & stop to chat. Who made the world so big?

  4. Looks fab. Punch and Judy is very appropriate for the seaside!


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