Wednesday, June 2

A Poem for Thursday

                                            This Thin Place.
The view from my sister's cottage in Donegal is one that looks out over the Atlantic Ocean and is framed by the peninsula on the left of the Sligo Mountains. A magic place!

The Peninsula

When you have nothing more to say, just drive
For a day all round the peninsula.
The sky is tall as over a runway,
The land without marks so you will not arrive

But pass through, though always skirting landfall.
At dusk, horizons drink down sea and hill,
The ploughed field swallows the whitewashed gable
And you're in the dark again. Now recall

The glazed foreshore and silhouetted log,
That rock where breakers shredded into rags,
The leggy birds stilted on their own legs,
Islands riding themselves out into the fog

And drive back home, still with nothing to say
Except that now you will uncode all landscapes
By this: things found clean on their own shapes,
Water and ground in their extremity.
                                           Seamus Heaney 



  1. Wow. I didn't think I was going to but I loved that poem. The painting is lovely & I adore the photo ~ but I live by the sea so am always interested in others seascapes. Lovely.

  2. Love your painting!!!

  3. Lovely Poem and fantastic painting! You make me want to go back.

  4. Thankyou for your kind comments. It's an "elemental" kind of a place and good for the soul!

  5. Ganeida, you ask about "the thin place", the best answer I can give is the words of Dr. Esther de Waal, "a place where heaven and earth seem to meet" Look up her website if you want to understand more of this celtic wishes Gerry.

  6. Great painting - a line from another poet Yeats - "that bee-loud glade" suitable for this time of year.


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