Monday, May 24

From lump to hump.

This is an exciting new piece from Mr. S. Where a lot of his ideas come from is anybody's guess. But I absolutely love this new ceramic camel. Of course every thing starts with a lump of clay. This camel was made with crank, which seems only right to me as camels are known to be cranky!
He is mainly modelled by hand but the  body is thrown on the wheel and bashed into shape.

Then head and tail are added on and as far as this camel is concerned, boots put on his feet! So to make sure that he doesn't trot off he is weighted down with my kitchen weights etc.
Dried, fired once, glazed and fired again he's ready to be admired.

Now he stands proudly in the studio window, thoughtfully watching this way and that,  just in case a  Bedouin tribe should venture down  Penketh way.  One never knows and a camel must always be ready for any adventure, hence the boots of course! 


  1. I love the rather louche stance!

  2. Yes I'm fond of that myself!

  3. Fantastic love his quirky boots! :)

  4. Yes we are thinking that they must be desert boots!

  5. Did you know that he's a member of The Caravan Club?!!!

  6. Wow, this is clearly a fellow that dresses for the English weather :) Love him to bits. I've never tried throwing the body and building onto it, but then I don't have a wheel of my own, so that's probably why!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving your kind comments :)

    ps, caravan club, haha!


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