Thursday, May 27

A Poem for Thursday

Many years ago I wrote this poem because I watched a child looking over our fence here at the Potters House, and it reminded me of my childhood  and how I used to jump on the wall at the back of the garden to see the folk in the BIG house at the back of our semi. I thought that they must be royalty as the house was sooo big.

                                                    June '96

                           The ginger pigtailed child jumped high
                          To see over the fence
                                          into the secret garden.
                          I too, once jumped and climbed
                                         to catch a glimpse of the unattainable.
                          And I wept for the child who is,
                                        and who was....
                         And who knows what will be?


  1. This is very bittersweet. Lovely :)

  2. Fantastic poem, and what a cute little girl!

  3. thankyou Yarrow, I think so much of life is bittersweet and maybe that's what I like about my lot, who knows.

  4. Natasha, I'm so glad that you liked the little girl! I knew her many years ago. I still know her. She is very precious!

  5. very cute indeed- didn't a princess live in one of those houses beyond the wall?


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