Thursday, May 20

A Poem for Thursday.

I was looking through the note book that I keep with all my bits and pieces of thoughts in, and remembered this lot. It's not quite poetry and it's not all mine. But my love of the sea, or at least of being by the sea prompts me to put this post together.
" It's all there.
It's all in the sea.
The battle of life is there,
And fate.
And the inevitability of it all.
And the purpose."

" It's the battle of life - 
The turbulence of the sea.
And life's pretty turbulent, isn't it?
I am very fond of the sea of course;
I have been fond of the sea all my life.
How wonderful it is,
Yet how terrible it is.
But I often think...
What if it suddenly changed it's mind,
And didn't turn the tide?
And came straight on?
If it didn't stop...
And came on ..and on... and on... and on...
That would be the end of it all!
L.S.Lowry 1963 [Salford artist].

....And I give you the faces,
- not the permanent masks
But the faces balanced in the toppling wave -----
And I give you the sea and yet again
The sea's tumultuous marble,
With Thor's thunder or taking his ease akimbo,
Lumbering torso, but fingertips amarvel
Of surgeon's accuracy....."
Extract from, Train to Dublin by Louis MacNeice[ Belfast poet].

The lonely tree
Looks out to sea
Looks out to see the weather soft
And seabirds
Flying high aloft.

Muckross Point Donegal.


  1. I've always wanted to live by the sea Gerry. Where I currently live, I don't think I could be any more inland. On the other hand, my son is studying music at the Scarborough campus of Hull University and he can see the see from his bedroom window. Jealous? Moi?

  2. See the see! Typo: see the sea.

  3. Gerry:

    I must go down to the seas again/ To the lonely sea & the sky/ & all I ask is a tall ship/ And a star to steer her by...John Masefield.

    Which is one reason I live where I do. ☺

  4. Always a thin place by the sea!

  5. Dear Gerry,
    your painting is stunning. I am thinking of you being close to sea now, it's autumn here and quite cold. It must be lovely to walk along the beach with the waves rocking in. Though I wouldn't want to during your winter.

  6. Thankyou all for your kind comments.I just love Masefield's poem, it really captures the feel of the northern coasts.


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