Thursday, May 6

A Poem For Thursday

Family is a wonderful and terrible thing. We can live many years with the memories that we believe are of our lives and then with one blow, have the " roof " come tumbling down, and discover that things were not exactly as we believed.  
This is a photo of my glorious dad, in perhaps his 19th year of life. Full of life and looking forward to all that it would bring him. It's not really that important why the roof fell in, only that we can cope with these events when they occur and normalise them as soon as possible.

The Day It Was Real

I lay in bed
With Alan tight beside.
No King size this
 A double, care of Syd.

The mobile chirruped twice
And casually
I flicked the button on
A text from Ro.

And yet the lines were strong
Unusual in the high stone tower retreat.
We were secure in all we'd known
And knew.

And then the roof fell in.

As Cisero recalled
Someone must pay the price
So let it be the twins
Castor and Pollux
Those well known stars.

I didn't hear them come
I didn't see them leave.

Yet though the roof fell in
In bed
I lay with Alan
Tight beside
No King size this
A double, care of Syd.


  1. Love it. Really nice poem and so true x

  2. Thankyou fashion baby yeah, gorgeous dad he was ! I like the reference to cisero which of course could also be a nod to the sister and the twins every where!

  3. love it! nice title aswell! good description of how the "roof" fell in lol xx

  4. Great poem and I've always loved that picture!

  5. Great poem! cute blog!
    Have fun! enjoy the day!


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