Thursday, April 15


I think that I will make Thursday - poetry day
I was a war baby, born in 1943. So a lot of early memories were of my staying close to mum.
She sent me at the age of 5 to study with the most amazing teacher in Belfast, Mr. Graeme Roberts.He lived with his wife and sister- in- law in the Georgian Crescent near the university area. I was with him until I was in my eary 20s. Quite a privelige.The Irish tradition was always the oral one of poems and songs and stories of the ancients.So here is the first dedicated to the memory of my lovely mum.


  1. Hiya, thought i'd pop over from " Guitars & Life" i commented about Oliver not coming OOp North and you mentioned something or other.. i'm more north than you hehehe.. Newcastle!
    anyway, great blog, ok if i follow?
    Tracey xx

  2. Thanks Tracey, great if you follow.


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