Tuesday, April 13

Largy Cottage Donegal

I had three glorious days at Rosie's holiday cottage last week. It's situated on the sea side of the road and although houses have been built where there were none when she bought it, the view is still to die for. Celts have a saying that  some places " are thin". I take that to mean that we are at a place in between the seen and the unseen.

The journey there takes you over wild country with few houses and narrow roads.

The only thing to do when you get to the cottage is make a cup of tea with the pure spring water and gaze out at the amazing view. Rosie is saying ,"Don't take one of me ", but the whole scene looks so good it needs to be recorded!

A new cafe and craft centre has opened close to the village of Tellin. the coffee is "Illy" and  the crafts are good. Tellin harbour is a magic place. An inlet from the Atlantic surrounded by the Donegal mountains. Before we get there ,[down the track which is actually a main road, apparently!]  we stop off to see the salmon leap.

People come to see the spectacle from all over Ireland. The air is so clean, the noise of the water wonderful.

Tellin Harbour still has fishing boats and men still go out into the Atlantic. Years ago when Alan and I came on a trip we met French fishermen with their boats who had come to spend the summer in Donegal. They had just come in with a catch and the basket was full of the most exotic fish I had ever seen
From this harbour in the C5th monks set out across the Atlantic to sail to Iceland to start a christian settlement there. This bronze plaque commemorates the sail. 
My mum was an amateur landscape painter [ amateur meaning one who loves what they do!] She often took her ideas from the Irish artist Paul Henry. Anyone who knows his work will recognise the cloud formation in this photo as it rolls in from the west and settles between the mountains.
I wish I had told her more often how great her work was.


  1. I think your work is great too!

  2. I think you all deserve credit for your wonderfull creative ideas, your all so talented x

  3. Great photos! They had a strangely calming effect on me...

  4. i wish i could go! maybe someday........


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