Wednesday, April 21

Family weekend at The Potters House

We had four wonderful days of family, fun and lots of food. The weekend  started as it meant to go on with, "Neviepiecake", see the flickr site for more amazing goodies by Nini.
The flags were made by her kidlets, so a good start to the festivities!
When all five cousins are together,with the respective parents and grandparents the "craic is powerful". We often make our way down the field to the old summerhouse and snuggle in while the children get on with being children.
So, supervised by Kate a play gets going with the Indian material scattered on the grass and much winding and tying of sparkly stuff around little waists.
Meanwhile grown-ups snooze and eat cake and other kinds of important things.
Creating went on also in the studio, and precious ceramics will be fired and glazed ready to take away next time we all get together.
Doing this kind of nothing can make you very tired and so we  find ourselves hideaways in quiet corners and  regularly sneak back to the kitchen for more cake!
Caught in the act!

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  1. Great photos - smashing family weekend - wish I could have been there - especially for the important grown-up chores of snoozing in the summer house!


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