Monday, April 12

Easter in Belfast

Back again in the northwest after eight days with the Irish family. Cooing over new twins, greeting long lost relatives and generally having craic!! We went to the nature reserve at Strangford that is regularly on Spring Watch. Castle Espie is on the wetlands at the head of Strangford Lough.
We went with my brother Ian, his wife Valerie and my younger sister Rosie. You can see more of Rosie on her website
Every where are ducks and geese. I would like to say that I could identify and name them. Enough that I took the photographs. So if you can name them, let me know.
Along with the wild life, the centre are interested in the early british communities and how they lived .

Just as we have always been interested in what can be achieved with what we find available around us, at The Potters House, so it was wonderful to see these various tools for fishing etc.made from the different local wood.and what a great way to keep the hoi poloi out of your premises than by winding bramble stems over the top of the fence.

Oh and of course they have a good cafe serving what is always known as "Ulster Fare"



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