Wednesday, March 31

the new rustic arch

Today the wind is bitter and the rain icy cold.
But last Friday Alan completed the new arch and fence that separates the garden from the field.

All of the wood came from the various trees in the field. We have both always loved recycling and this is one of the nicest ways of doing it.                  
Even though it has been blowing a gale and raining hard the photos came out looking like spring! So I feel encouraged, that it will come. As the saying goes in our family " all things come to pass".


  1. It's so gorgeous. I love it!

  2. Hi Gerry,

    Your rustic arch is charming, and a wonderful way to recycle.

    Happy Easter to you!


  3. Thankyou for your messages. It's fun to hear from others and find out what the other bloggers are up to!

  4. Your arch is very rustic. And that's not a euphemism btw.

  5. John a lot of me is fairly rustic or do I mean rusty? hard to know the difference at times.

  6. I am always clipping pictures of rustic arches and fences out of magazines. This is just the kind I love. 'Happy to have found your blog today. :)


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